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Spreading magnets

Spreading magnets or Metal plate spreaders facilitate a safe and efficient removal of the steel plates from a pile. The magnetic flux of the spreader, generated by anisotropic ferrite magnets, penetrates individual plates causing that they are pushed away from each other. The gaps created between the plates allow removing them in an convenient way. [...]

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Square Base Magnetic Holding Device

Square Base Magnetic Holding Device A solid platform for mounting your manipulators Ideal accessory for optical tables and vibration-free platform Choose size: 65x65 mm (501653 ), 45x45 mm (503569), 90x90 mm (503570) or 120x120 mm (503571) See Details for part numbers and descriptions Part# Description 501653 Magnetic Base, 65x65 mm 503569 Magnetic Base, 45x45 mm 503570 [...]

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