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  • Are Permanent NdFeB Magnet Harmful to Humans

Are Permanent NdFeB Magnet Harmful to Humans?

Are Permanent NdFeB Magnet Harmful to Humans? Many industries need to use permanent NdFeB magnet for a long time. They are permanent magnets and have strong magnetic properties. The safety of use is also very critical. It must be operated by professional staff to avoid problems. But after all, such magnets contain a lot of [...]

  • Magnet Zinc Coating

Magnet Zinc Coating

Magnet Zinc Coating Material: Zinc (Zn) Coating thickness: 4-15um Advantage: Regular Protection, Applicable to most products, Low cost. Application: Normal application environment requirement and low cost, such as Electric power tool motor. Magnet Zinc Coating Good adhesion when glued onto steel with a glue or epoxy specifically rated for magnets Protection of the [...]

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  • Permanent NdFeB Disc Magnet

Permanent NdFeB Disc Magnet

Why choose us Permanent NdFeB Disc Magnet? 1) Over decades experience in NdFeB manufacturing and Marketing 2) Strategic partner of several world top 500 Enterprise, operating well under TS16949 3) Samples and trial orders are welcome 4) Competitive Price & Short Lead Time, cause it is directly from real producer. 5) Professional suggestion or advice [...]

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