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  • Magnetic Encoder Engine Technology

Magnetic Encoder Engine Technology

Magnetic Encoder Engine Technology An optical encoder uses light (optics) to identify unique positions for the encoder. A magnetic encoder uses the same principle to determine a position as an optical encoder, but it does it using magnetic fields rather than light. With a magnetic encoder, a large magnetized wheel spins over a plate of [...]

  • Automotive Position Sensors Car IC

Automotive position sensors

Automotive position sensors Position Sensing Contactless position sensors from ams offer best-in-class stray field immunity and superior durability, and they comply with the requirements of the most stringent safety standards. Electric Power Steering Motor Control & Angle Sensing To achieve better fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, automakers are rapidly migrating from hydraulic to electronically [...]

  • Permanent Magnets Markets and Devices Applications

Permanent Magnets Markets and Devices / Applications

Permanent Magnets Markets and Devices / Applications Devices • Electromechanical machines and devices e.g. motors, generators, actuators • Acoustic transducers e.g. speakers,  earphones, ringers • Mechanical force and torque devices e.g.  holding, lifting, clutches • Microwave and ion beam control e.g.  TWT’s, particle accelerators • Conversion of external stimuli to electrical signal e.g. sensors • DC field generation e.g. MRI Markets and Industries • Automotive and transportation • Industrial and commercial • Consumer products • Military and aerospace • Medical Permanent Magnets Markets and Devices Applications Sensors/Encoders Hall Effect Encoder for end of shaft applications.  Available as either absolute or incremental encoders they can provide digital position, analog position, and quadrature speed outputs. Capable of rotational speeds over 20k RPM. Hall IC used for this application uses a diametrically magnetized magnet. Hall Effect through‐shaft encoder.  Requires use of Hall IC capable of off‐axis sensing using multipole bonded magnet. Low cost, speed or position sensors typically seen in automotive applications – Cam position, crank position, engine speed, ABS.  This type  of sensor can be designed for either face or lateral sensing applications and may, in addition to the Hall IC, incorporate a magnet if sensing a metal target or a pole piece if sensing an encoder multipole magnet. What is the best permanent magnet material and process? •It depends; on the weight/space limitations, application operating conditions, operating parameters of the magnetic circuit, annual quantity, device assembly mechanization etc. • Despite have lower flux output bonded magnets can offer advantages over sintered magnets for many applications. • Despite lack of breakthrough in new materials over the last 30 years there are several promising developments in bonded magnets on the horizon. • [...]

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