0.5mm Plain Magnetic Sheets For Arts, Crafts & Storage

/0.5mm Plain Magnetic Sheets For Arts, Crafts & Storage
  • 0.5mm Plain Magnetic Sheets For Arts, Crafts & Storage
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  • 0.5mm Plain Magnetic Sheets For Arts, Crafts & Storage, Self-Adhesive Plain Flexible Ferrous Magnetic Sheets Strips and Rolls for Crafts, Refrigerator, Photo and Picture, Vehicle, Business & Home, Magnetic Flexible Vinyl Sheeting, Rubber Sheeting Magnet, Flexible rubber magnetic material, Adhesive, Whiteboard & Printable Magnetic Sheeting Permanent PVC Printable Soft Rubber Fridge Magnets, Magnetic Sheet Roll Tapes China Supplier Factory

    0.5mm Plain Magnetic Sheets For Arts, Crafts & Storage  Overview
    Item No.: FM-MS-06
    Type: Permanent, Flexible
    Composite: Soft Rubber Magnet
    Shape: Sheet
    Application: Industrial Magnet

    Flexible Ferrous Sheet – Self-Adhesive / Plain
    These standard self-adhesive Flexible magnetic sheets are ideal for making display or notice boards. Use with small but powerful neodymium magnets to create stunning displays at home, in the office or at school and never have to use fiddly drawing pins again. Alternatively, this sheet can be used in magnetic shielding applications.
    To ensure that the grip remains secure, we recommend allowing between 24 to 32 hours for the adhesive to cure.

    Magnetic sheets can be used for presentations or seminars on whiteboards or other magnetic boards. You can cut out any shapes and attach them to all metal surfaces. Besides the high-quality magnetic sheets with strong adhesive force, our assortment also contains self-adhesive magnetic sheets, printable magnetic paper and a selection of coloured magnetic frames.

    Magnetic Rolls are made from Strontium or Barium Ferrite powder mixed with polymers and is widely used in Magnetic Sign, ad, gift, name card, and toy, etc. We can supply below & conditions & forms:

    Natural thickness from 0.3 mm to 2.0 mm, width up to 1500 mm, and length up to 100 m.
    The white or color PVC coating is available upon request.
    UV coating is available upon request
    Magnetism can be applied either on one side or on both sides with multi-poles, pole distance is usually 2 mm.
    Artworks printing and die-cutting can be done as per customer’s request.

    Builds awareness and sales through a permanent presence.
    Powerful Marketing tool and a great giveaway.
    They are inexpensive and durable. Lasts up to 8 years.  Affordable Lightweight Magnetic Rubber Sheets
    People don’t throw Magnetic livened disks away. They leave them on their Windscreens for years at a time.  Wide Flexible Ferrous Sheet – Self-Adhesive / Plain

    Plastic & Rubber Magnet Series

    Plastic & Rubber Magnet is a kind of soft and elastic magnet. It is a compound of rubber (NBR or CPE) and ferrite power. It has the following features

    1: High magnetic property than normal sintered isotropic ferrite  Black Magnetic Sheet Strontium Ferrite Powder

    2: Easy to design in various shapes such as slicing, drilling, and rolling

    3: With density3.6-3.8g/cm3

    4: Easy processing for sizes and shapes

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