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    Dry Drum Magnetic Separators ITEM NO. MP-FK series, Dry Permanent Magntic Separator for Powder Ore is high-efficiency ore concentration machine newly designed by our company which is widely used to remove, purify or separate materials, allowing them to be of higher values. This kind of dry power permanent magnetic drum separator is characterized by its turbulent magnetic field and high separation factor, advanced structure, light weight, large throughout, reliable operation and easy maintenance. Rely on our elaborative efforts, it becomes great for the dry and arid regions to save water resources and reduce production cost, opening a new way for magnetite mining and utilization. The dry permanent drum magnet separator for fine ore also can be driven by diesel engine, if it is used in region which is short of electricity Apart from existing fixed types, this kind of dry type magnetic drum separator with different magnetic induction intensity and application for different magnetic materials can also be developed according to the specific requirements of customers. The current magnetic separator series are appropriate for the different size mines from large to small. Moreover, we have industrial prototypes and could provide pilot tests at customers’ request.

    Dry drum magnetic separator is mainly used in the following applications:
    (a) For pre-separation of low-grade ores, to pre-concentrate ores, raise ore grade and reduce production cost.
    (b) For re-separation of tails, to recover relatively rich tails on the dry slope of tails dam.
    (c) For magnetic purification of dry fines of pyrite cinder.
    (d) To effectively remove iron from non-magnetic materials with lower cost.
    (e) For purification of concentrated fines, to remove lean associated materials and gangue from concentrated iron fines, lead to the grade improvement of fines and increase the technically-added value of products.

    As shown in the figure, the separation cylinder without belt outside will enhance the intensity of magnetic field of the separation area. The rotat­ing magnetic system (wrap angle of 360 degree) is set inside the separa­tion cylinder, while the fixed magnetic system (magnetic wrapping angle of less than 90 degree) is set inside the ore dumping cylinder. The rota­tion direction of the separation cylinder is as the same as that of the ore dumping, but is opposite to that of the rotating magnetic system. Dry Magnetic Separator

    When the materials feeder transports the minerals to the separation area of the separation cylinder, the magnetic minerals will alternate rapidly and repeatedly within a short time through the N pole and S pole of the magnetic field, and the magnetic minerals will do magnetic rever­sal and magnetic agitation. The non-magnetic (weak) magnetic mineral mingled in the magnetic minerals is not or slightly affected by the adsorption of the magnetic force, moving to the outer layer gradually, and is thrown out by the centrifugal force, gravity and the joint action of magnetic turn and agitation of magnetic minerals.

    Items No Drum (mm) Rotation(r/m) Magnetic Forece(mT) Max Ore Size (mm) Motor Power (kw) Capacity (Ton/H)
    Dia Length
    MP-FK-0924 900 2400 30-150 >120 10 5.5-15 80-150
    MP-FK-0930 914 3000 30-160 >120 10 4-7.5 100-200
    MP-FK-0821 750 2100 30-150 >120 10 4-5.5 60-120
    MP-FK-0818 750 1800 30-150 >120 10 4-5.5 50-110
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