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  • Internal Thread Rubber Coated Pot Magnet
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  • Internal Thread Rubber Coated Pot Magnet, rubber coated magnet system, waterproof magnets, soft surface, strong magnetic force rubber coated holding magnets, Rubber coated pot magnet with flat Thread OR internal screw thread

    Internal Thread Rubber Coated Pot Magnet SPECIFICATIONS
    Material Neodymium (NdFeb)
    Surface Rubber
    Max temperature. 60 °C
    Type Internal thread
    Thread M4 – M6
    Holding force 10 Newton svarer til ca. 1 kg
    Certifications: RoHS, REACH, PAC free, UV resistant, Code of Conduct

    Rubber coated pot magnet also called as rubber coated holding magnets.Rubber coated pot magnets are used on the surface where it is easy to be scratched when used a normal pot magnets on it. Rubber coated holding magnets are an ideal holding magnets for the surface where it is easy to get wet or work in humid conditions.

    Each rubber coated pot magnets composed of 6pcs disc neodymium magnets, which make the rubber coated holding magnets multi-pole structure.The special magnetic structure ensures the powerful magnetic field on the holding magnet surface. So that the holding magnets can work well on the surface of the thin metal.

    The disc rubber coated magnets on this page are with an internal thread, which can wring hook or eyebolt. After screwed with hook or eyebolt, the whole rubber coated pot magnets can be used as hook magnets to hang objects on the metal body where the surface is painted.This kind of rubber coated holding magnets can be moved arbitrarily.

    Rubber coated magnets with internal thread from MPCO are produced of quality materials only, to ensure long durability and correct magnetic strength. To develop quality rubber magnets, the right set of manufacturing processes and materials are needed for the magnets to be used within the industrial area. Therefore, these Protego rubber coated magnets are very special products. Our rubber coated magnets are part of our Protego quality series that provide certainty regarding strength and durability of the magnets.

    This type of rubber coated magnet is produced with a solid thread M4/M5/M6 thus making the mounting of the magnets very easy. The rubber coated magnets are ideal for varnished surfaces due to the flexibility of the rubber that prevents marks and scratches. The rubber coated magnets are also perfect for mounting on smooth surfaces thanks to the anti-gliss effect of the santoprene rubber.

    These magnets have a metric internal screw thread and can be fastened with objects with an external screw thread. The rubber coat protects the sensitive surface from scratches and increases the load capacity in shear direction. We also carry these pot magnets without rubber coating.

    These neodymium pot magnets have a metrical internal thread and can be screwed together with objects that have a suitable external thread. The rubber coat protects delicate surfaces from scratches and at the same time increases the carrying capacity in shear force.
    The rubber protects the magnet from occasional moisture. Permanent outdoor use, however, may lead to the formation of rust. Our ferrite pot magnets, on the other hand, are rust-proof.

    Items No. D(mm) H(mm) Thread M Magnetic Force N Color Weight( g)
    MPRCIN-D22 22 6 M4 38 black 9
    MPRCIN-D31 31 6 M5 89 black 21
    MPRCIN-D43 43 6 M4 100 black 29
    MPRCIN-D66 66 8.5 M6 250 black 100
    MPRCIN-D88 88 8.5 M6 550 black 186

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