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  • Kiss-Cut Adhesive Magnet Sheet
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    Kiss-Cut Adhesive Magnet Sheet with Self-Adhesive (PSA) Overview
    Item No.: FM-MS-20
    Type: Permanent, Flexible
    Composite: Soft Rubber Magnet
    Shape: Sheet
    Application: Industrial Magnet

    Kiss-cut Adhesive magnets are die-cut adhesive flexible magnetic sheeting that are suitable for mounting of preprinted materials such as photo,business card, postcard , label, sign etc onto flexible magnets.
    Kiss-cut Adhesive magnets comes in standard and custom shape for your convenience.
    Kiss-cut Adhesive magnets could be part of your products also. With kiss-cut you never cut by your self anymore, you can simplify work to Just peel and stick only!
    Toys, Signage , Labels, Assembly devices, Advertising specialties, Crafts , Decorate Magnets etc. Schools.

    Standard sizes
    Business card(2″x3.5″)—ten up.
    Post card(3-½”x 4-¾”)—four up.
    Custom size are acceptable.

    – Plain flexible rubber magnet is made of ferrite powders and polymer,laminating with peel-away reveal adhesive.
    The thinnest magnetic material is inherently lightweight.
    – Suitable for labels, warehouse racking and printed promotional magnets that are cost-effective or craft.
    Thicker rubber magnet is generally durability and strength..
    – Suitable for commercial applications, such as advertisement board, vehical signage.
    Thickest material is the strongest and most durable.
    – Can be easily cut to size with scissors or box cutter.
    – Maximum operating temperature 80°C.

    Magnetic sheet can be used as visual advertising carrier – it can be easily mounted/dismounted onto the surface and it does not damage the ferromagnetic surface as standardly used adhesive foils. The graphics can be realized by screenprinting, offset or other printing technology. Magnetic holding force depends on type and thickness of ferromagnetic surface onto the magnetic sheet will be applied.  Isotropic / Anisotropic Laminate Magnetic Sheet with Self-Adhesive (PSA)

    These magnet sheets are a fantastic way of making magnetic signs for vehicle advertising and the high quality sticky backing makes it even easier to apply your designs. These sheets are very easy to cut with scissors and can easily be cut down to different sizes if required. But that’s not all they can be used for… They can be hole-punched so you can place your metal dies into folders, making them far easier to organise and locate. This keeps your dies tidy and helps prevent any loss or damage to your wonderful collection!

    MPCO magnetic sheet is available in 10m or 30m rolls or supplied split or sheet cut to your specific requirements.

    This website is not all encompassing as there are so many different varieties of material – so if you’re looking for something different and don’t see it on the site, chances are we probably do have it. Rubber Dry Erase Magnetic Sheet – Blue

    Our company efficiently converts sheet magnet material to your project designations. We have various sizes and shapes available for limitless configurations. You can customize several aspects, including Color Magnetic Sheet Laminate with Glossy Matte PVC

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