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    Mode: MnZn Transformer Fettite URS Cores (URS Type MnZn Soft Ferrite Core)
    Material: MnZn.(Manganese,Zinc)
    Application:  Line Filter,choke coil, light driver transformer.
    Initial Permeability: Initial permeability,
    Ui :2000-15000,include power and high permeability material
    Certificated: ISO9001-2008, SGS-ROHS.
    MOQ: No MOQ for the trial order.
    Samples: 10-50pcs free samples for freight collect.
    Features: Working frequency below 1MHZ, 1khz,10khz,100khz-500khz with good performance inductance AL value and small core loss.common material is MnZn power material . Curie TC>200C°.
    Necessary information before quote:  Product size,material or characteristic or testing datasheet,order quantity, usage, it will be better if can provide drawing,other special requirements, like package..
    Why choose us:
    1.12 years experiences in ferrite core manufacturer.
    2.Accepted customized special size products.
    3.Materials Covered ferrite NiZn,MnZn,Nanocrystalline,Iron powder.
    4.Reasonable price with good quality and delivery time.
    5.Better aftersales services

    URS core is used in flying-back transformers in small TV sets and monitors. Round leg allows easy winding, also of strip conductors Because of the high voltages involved, the round shape helps to prevent corona effect

    Features of URS core:
    High Saturation Magnetic Flux Density (Bs)
    Low Core Loss

    Application of URS core
    Transformer for Power Supply
    Fly Back Transformer for TV set and Monitor,Line filter transformers, Common mode choke, TV flyback transformers

    Product Name MnZn URS type ferrite core
    Material MnZn
    Specification URS
    MOQ 10000 PCS
    Certification ROHS, ISO9001
    MnZn soft ferrite core commonly used for high current transformer, power switch transformer, common mode choke, high current transformer, advantage is high permeability, low core loss factor in high frequency, and low price compared with other Nanocrystalline, Ironpowder,sendust
    Payment T/T, Western Union, L/C, Escrow, Paypal,etc.
    Packing Standard Export packageing like molded paper sheet, plastic trays,shrink wrap, or as customer’s request.
    Sample 1~20 pcs of free samples
    Export License:Yes(Factory Directly)

    TYPE APPLICATION MnZn Soft Ferrite Cores
    RM Filters, inductors and transformers for telecommunication other electronic equipment
    PQ switching power transformers and chokes
    EC switching power transformers and chokes MnZn URS Typ Inductor Transformer Soft Ferrite Core
    EE :Transformers and chokes for switching power supplies, filter, inductor
    EI various kinds of transformers and chokes UY Type Series Ferrite MnZn Core With Stocked
    EP wide-band transformers and various types of inductors
    Toroidal pulse and wide-band transformers, various types of filters, inductors and chokes
    UF mainly used for line filters in color TV sets ELECTRO PERMANENT LIFTING MAGNETS
    U mainly used for fly back transformers in B/W and color TV sets

    URS Series Soft Ferrite Core For Magnet Generators, CP4URS18.5 MnZn URS Type Soft Ferrite Core, URS18.5 MnZn URS Type Ferrite Core For Kva Transformer, hige permeability MnZn ferrite core for URS type, soft magnet core transformal ferrite core with URS type Soft Magnet MnZn Ferrite UY Core

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