Plastic Capped Neodymium Magnet White

/Plastic Capped Neodymium Magnet White
  • Plastic Capped Neodymium Magnet White
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  • Plastic Capped Neodymium Magnet White, 1/2″ dia. x 1/4″ thick (12.7mm x 6.35mm) Powerful Plastic Capped Round Magnet, Office Magnets, Refrigerator Magnets, Organisation Magnets, Revitalizaire Strong Permanent NdFeB Rare Earth Magnets Coated with Hard Polypropylene China Factory

    Plastic Capped Neodymium Magnet White Features:
    Item No.: MP-DPCM01
    Size: 1/2″ diameter x 1/4″ thick (12.7mm x 6.35mm)
    Material: Neodymium, Iron, Boron (NdFeB)
    Magnet Grade: N33-N50
    Magnet Shape: Disc, Disk, Round
    Color: White
    Plating: Plastic
    Polypropylene Coating: .04 inches (1 mm)
    Max Operating Temp: 80ºC
    Tolerances: ±0.004″
    Magnetization Direction: Magnetized Axial Through Thickness (Poles on Flat Ends)
    Magnet size is prior to plastic coating

    UNBREAKABLE -Thick Polypropylene coating can withstand falls, collisions with other magnets, strikes and more. Nickel-Copper-Nickel surface plating protects the magnetic interior and prevents corrosion.
    POWERFUL – N52 is the highest grade of magnet in the world. Each magnet has a pulling force of 12 pounds. Magnets will repel/pull each other from over 2 inches apart.
    EASE OF SEPARATION – Polypropylene surface provides grip to aid in separation if magnets become stuck to one another.
    GARAGE OR WORKSHOP – Hang tools, drawings or photos from your work bench, toolbox, or other steel objects. Can use to find studs, clean up nails or metal shavings.
    UTILITY – Waterproof, can be used to hang kitchen utensils, gadgets and devices on refrigerators, file cabinets or cupboards. Can also use for fishing, retrieving objects from drains, collecting sewing pins or preventing trash bag sagging. The applications are limitless. plastic capped magnets

    These colorful round wihte refrigerator magnets can be used on dry erase boards, lockers, whiteboards, refrigerators, or any magnetic surface! Use our practical magnetic set in the classroom or the office! No need to worry about using adhesives that leave residue on surfaces, or dangerous tacks! One single magnet can hold up to 11 pieces of paper on its own! Each of our MPCO Office Magnet Packs come with 24 Round Magnets!

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