Rubber Dry Erase Magnetic Sheet – Blue

/Rubber Dry Erase Magnetic Sheet – Blue
  • Rubber Dry Erase Magnetic Sheet - Blue
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  • Rubber Dry Erase Magnetic Sheet – Blue, Self-Adhesive Coloured Gloss PVC (Blue) Magnetic Flexible Vinyl Sheeting, Rubber Sheeting Magnet, Flexible rubber magnetic material, Adhesive, Whiteboard & Printable Magnetic Sheeting Permanent PVC Printable Soft Rubber Fridge Magnets, Magnetic Sheet Roll Tapes China Supplier Factory

    Rubber Dry Erase Magnetic Sheet – Blue Overview
    Item No.: FM-MS-16
    Type: Permanent, Flexible
    Composite: Soft Rubber Magnet
    Shape: Sheet
    Application: Industrial Magnet

    Our magnetic sheets are made of a Strontium Ferrite powder in a polymer matrix. On one side is a green coloured surface that is coated with a glossy laminate to protect the sheet against harsh chemicals and to allow resistance against demagnetisation. The green side is not magnetic. This premium quality magnetic sheeting provides you with the highest possible quality product at the best price.

    From refrigerator magnets to commercial signage, flexible magnetic sheet material is incredibly versatile. At MPCO Magnet, we convert American-made materials into products that meet your requirements. We offer magnetic sheets of various thicknesses and widths in custom sizes, shapes, colors and other specifications.  Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheeting – Orange

    MPCO Magnet offers quick turnaround times and quality services. If you’re looking for magnetic sheets in individual pieces, full-sized rolls or particular shapes, we have a wide selection available. You can also print on a magnet with our flexible industrial magnetic sheets designed to fit your specific printer. We’ll help you get your advertising, sign or display job done right using Offset and Screen Printing or Digital Presses. Flexible Magnetic Sheet White Coloured Surface

    MPCO Magnet uses drawings, engineered prints and off-the-shelf standard die-cut shapes to create magnets in shapes of all kinds. We produce a magnetic sheet cut to size with expert precision or purchase existing options ready to be shipped. Flexible Magnetic Sheet White Coloured Surface

    We can make a clean die-cut or score your magnet by leaving it on a magnetic sheet roll. For these processes, we offer a diverse range of options:
    Plain magnetic sheet
    Magnetic sheet with adhesive
    Magnetic sheet with printable laminate
    We can also economically create custom tooling in virtually any shape you desire. The magnetic shapes on a marketing piece add that personalized touch and make the piece stand out. Pre-cut Magnetic Sheets White

    Our company efficiently converts sheet magnet material to your project designations. We have various sizes and shapes available for limitless configurations. You can customize several aspects, including:

    Thickness: Measured at 0.015 inches, 0.020 inches, 0.030 inches, 0.045 inches and 0.06 inches. Flexible Vinyl Magnetic Sheeting – Green
    Width and length: Offered in standard roll sizes of 24.38 inches wide and up to 48 inches (for White or Plain) by 50 inches long unless requested otherwise.
    Lamination and top coat: Available to order in six stock colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, and White) or plain (rubber-based adhesive or acrylic-based adhesive). Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheeting – Orange
    Cut sheet and die-cut configurations: Customized by design specifications or standard images.

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