Self Adhesive Soft Rubber Round Magnet Pads 30x1mm

/Self Adhesive Soft Rubber Round Magnet Pads 30x1mm
  • Self Adhesive Soft Rubber Round Magnet Pads 30x1mm
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  • Self Adhesive Soft Rubber Round Magnet Pads 30x1mm, Sticky Magnet Dots With Self-Adhesive Magnetic Foil Stickers for Crafts, Office, DIY Projects, Flexible Magnetic Dot with One Side Adhesive, Small Disc Round Sticker Magnets, Round Magnetic Sheet SELF-ADHESIVE Sticker, Adhesive Flat Magnetic Sheets China Supplier Factory

    Self Adhesive Soft Rubber Round Magnet Pads 30x1mm Overview
    Item No.: FM-FMT-38
    Type: Permanent, Flexible
    Composite: Soft Rubber Ferrite Magnet
    Material: Flexible Ferrite
    Flexible adhesive rubber magnet.
    SIize: Diameter: 30mm Thickness: 1mm
    Material: Rubber, Magnetic Powder
    Maximum Temp: 80°C
    Smooth side with magnetic
    Small size, light weight
    Attach your own Stickers to make fridge magnets
    Perfect for crafts, peal off the back and stick.
    Custom thickness and width are available upon request
    advanced UV back coating protects from surface staining and sticking and it eliminates blocking
    Application: Industrial Magnet

    Magnetic sticker is made by high energy flexible magnets and permanent acrylic adhesive, cut into circle shape and do retail package or bulk package. it’s a good office accessories for holding small things on a metal surface.

    KEEP YOUR MEMORIES IN SIGHT – in just a few seconds you could easily organize light objects, make refrigerator magnets, hang family pictures, photos and save the date! Just peel and stick the magnetic dot to a desired object and make a magnet out of it
    ❕BRAND X-bet MAGNET is the first leader in the craft magnets niche. Our Bestsellers have 1000+ excellent reviews. Now we have launched our own Magnetic Circles after the numerous requests of our customers. Longtime tests proved high quality & strength of our Peel & Stick Magnetic Tape – Magnetic Roll – Magnetic Strips – Magnetic Sheet – Magnetic Dots – Magnetic Squares
    PREMIUM Quality 3M Dots with Long Lasting Anisotropic Magnet! 1 Tape Magnetic Sheet of 100 PCs Self-Adhesive Magnetic Circles (each 0.8″ diameter x 0.08″ thick) which can stick to each other
    STRONG, DURABLE & FLEXIBLE Magnetic Tape. Each mini magnetic disc can hold up to 60-90 grams. If you want stronger magnetic force, we recommend to use 2 or more tiny magnetic dots. STRONG TESA ADHESIVE BACKING – Stronger than most brands out there!
    EASY TO USE flat magnetic stickers with adhesive back. Sticky magnet side does not leave any mark. Adhesive on one side, flexible magnet on the other – sticks great on plastic, metal, concrete, tiles, wall and more. 100 PCs Round Small White board Magnet with Adhesive Back can be used in totally different fields: Education, Science, Kitchen & House, Office, Building, Creativity & Craft and so on. Perfect for any DIY projects!


    Make sure to test if the surface you plan to stick on the adhesive side of the magnet is adhesive friendly. This can be done by applying any type of sticker and seeing if it sticks well. Examples of surfaces that are not adhesive friendly: clothing, wool, beads.

    Magnetic surface
    Make sure to test if the surface you plan to stick on the magnetic side of the magnet is magnetically receptive. This can be done by testing it out with any type of magnet. If that magnet sticks well to the surface it’s magnetically receptive. Materials that are aluminum or copper (rather than ferrous) are not magnetically susceptible for example.  Flat Adhesive Magnets Suitable for Sticking Photo / Pictures / Board

    Our rubber magnets are designed to hold light objects such as but not limited to postcards, business cards and small works of art in a cost-effective way. Something flat weighing 10 grams per attached magnet shouldn’t be a problem. For heavier items such as but not limited to whiteboards, chalkboards and key racks, we recommend buyers to purchase other magnets.

    Handy & multifunction features
    Widely applied: crafting & DIY making, hanging & organizing items in home, office, garage etc.
    EASY TO USE: There is no need to cut it into squares made it easier to apply, just peel and stick.
    Stronger support: 4 time stronger to hold up longer and harder. Round Small Magnetic Sticker with Adhesive Backing Peel
    Well-suited Adhesion and User-friendly: Easy to adhere to types of material surface with mighty 3M adhesives.

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