Standard NdFeB Separator Magnet Rods

/Standard NdFeB Separator Magnet Rods
  • Standard NdFeB Separator Magnet Rods
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    Standard NdFeB Separator Magnet Rods Specification
    Item Magnetic Bar/rod/stick/wand
    Gauss 6000-13000 Gauss
    Material Neodymium Magnet+SUS304/316L Pipe
    Shape Rod, bar, stick, wand ect.
    Working Temp. 80ºC~200ºC
    Casing SUS304/316L
    Dimension Dia: 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm,50mm ect.
    Application Industrial filter, food industry, Ceramic industry ect.
    Feature Eco-friendly, Green Product, long life.
    Performance Permanent, Strong, Rust-proof, Anti-corrosion
    Trade Term FOB, CNF, EXW, CIF, C&F ect.
    Payment Term TT, PayPal, Western Union ect.

    Field of applications for the magnetic filter bar/rods:
    Pharmaceutical industry
    Chemical industry
    Food industry
    Plastic industry
    Recycling industry
    Textile industry
    Water treatment
    Other liquid(hydro-material) separation applications.

    Magnetic tubes, also known as magnetic filter tubes, are an essential component in magnetic filtration systems. They offer a simple and effective way to remove ferrous contaminants from dry and liquid products. These magnetic tubes are widely used in food processing, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries where purity and safety are crucial. Custom Separator Bar Magnet with Two Thread Holes

    The Standard NdFeB Separator Magnet Rods are rated for a maximum recommended operating temperature of around +80 degrees C. The Separator Rods can be produced for higher rated maximum operating temperatures upon request. The maximum operating temperatures available are +80, +100, +120, +150, +180 and +200 degrees C. When working above +180 degrees C, the SmCo separator magnet version may be a better choice as it more powerful than NdFeB above +180 degrees C and can also be used up to +350 degrees C (for note, SmCo versions are 9000Gauss typically at room temperature). Less commonly used Ferrite versions are also available but are much weaker (Ferrite versions are 1500Gauss typically at room temperature but work up to +150 degrees C).

    Cutting Stainless steel tube.
    Airtightness testing.
    Assembly process.
    Hole machining
    Automotive welding

    The MPCO Magnetics separator rods are ideal for capturing ferrous contamination. They are capable, particularly with the more powerful units, of capturing ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials as well as materials with permeability noticeably greater than 1, such as some of the paramagnetic and antiferromagnetic materials. For maximum capture the debris really need to get into direct contact with the Magnetic Rods / Magnetic Separator Rods.

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