Super Magnetic Hooks 45mm 110Lbs 50kg

/Super Magnetic Hooks 45mm 110Lbs 50kg
  • Super Magnetic Hooks 45mm 110Lbs 50kg
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  • Super Magnetic Hooks 45mm 110Lbs 50kg, Silica gel coated Neodymium Hook Magnet, rubber plated rare earth ndfeb permanent magnet hooks, Magnetic Strong Hook for Indoor/Outdoor Hanging

    Super Magnetic Hooks 45mm 110Lbs 50kg Feature:

    Silica gel coat with Neodymium Magnets constructed holds up to 110 LB vertical weight.
    Extremely strong hanging capacity, perfect for organizing indoor/outdoor.
    Widely applicable for indoor or outdoor in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, lockers, office, or refrigerator.
    Easy installation and removable, WILL NOT damage or scratch to your furniture.

    Main Color: Silver Tone, Red;
    Material: Neodymium Magnet, Silica gel
    Weight: 204g
    Overall Size: 75 x 27 x 45mm / 2.95″ x 1.06″ x 1.77″ (Total H*Base T*Base D)
    Hanging Capacity(Vertical): 50kg / 110 LB

    Magnet’s Endless Uses:
    Magnetic hooks are a very versatile product for hanging almost anything.
    Magnetic hooks attach to metal surfaces, are non-marking and design for easy removal.
    The product consists of a small metal cup containing a neodymium rare earth magnet and has a centre removable metal hook.
    No screws, nails or drills needed.
    Ideal for hanging pot plants, tools, hats, keys, lights, paintings, wind chimes, displays etc.
    Can be attached either in horizontal or vertical positions·
    Easy to attach and remove, easy to use practical magnetic product.

    Silica gel coated Neodymium Hook Magnet

    Silica gel coated Neodymium Hook Magnet

    Rare earth magnets are a special type of magnet. They are the worlds strongest type of magnet and are composed of Neodymium, Iron and Boron (NdFeB) elements. We sell magnets ranging from N35 to N52, also with various coatings. We offer BULK rare earth magnets on the world and we are still the CHEAPEST and the BEST!

    Magnetic Strength and Gauss: Magnetic strength and Gauss ratings can be confusing. Many companies advertise their magnets and magnetic products with the “internal gauss” rating which is very different from the actual “surface gauss”. The surface gauss is dependent on the N-rating, size and shape of magnet. We provide a magnetic force calculator to calculate holding force and gauss at our website. Just type “Frenergy” or “Magnetic Force Calculator” into a search engine like Google and find our website. We have provided the surface Gauss in the item description above and also further technical information in the tables below.Coatings Table

    Coatings: We have supplied a Coating properties table below. Most of our magnets are nickel coated as this is the most durable and economical. Gold coatings are used primarily for direct skin contact to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

    Types of magnets: There are 5 main types of magnets. Neodymium and Samarian Cobalt are permanent magnets which means they don’t lose their magnetism over time like Alnico, Ceramic/Ferrite or Flexible rubber magnets. Neodymium are the strongest however most are rated below 100 degrees C. Some neodymium magnets can tolerate up to 150 degrees C. Samarian Cobalt are the most expensive as shown in the cost comparison and have both high temperature and high strength properties. Ceramic/Ferrite and flexible rubber magnets are the least expensive and also have low magnetic force. Super Strong Heavy Duty Neodymium Wall Mount Magnet Hooks

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