Teardrop Rare Earth Magnetic Tube Assembly

/Teardrop Rare Earth Magnetic Tube Assembly
  • Teardrop Rare Earth Magnetic Tube Assembly
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    Teardrop Rare Earth Magnetic Tube Assembly Features

    Magnetic rod Teardrop shape holds the captured particles away from the product flow and eliminates bridging
    Attractive price/performance ratio
    High pull strength
    Magnets N52
    Threaded holes M8 on both sides
    Only polished design
    Up to 13 500 Gauss on the stainless steel protective cover
    Product Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
    25/150 N 150 32
    25/200 N 200 32
    25/250 N 250 32
    25/300 N 300 32
    25/350 N 350 32
    25/400 N 400 32
    25/450 N 450 32
    25/500 N 500 32

    Tube Magnets are used extensively in the processing industry to capture magnetic susceptible foreign bodies, including screws, nuts, bolts, and small iron shards, in both dry and wet applications. Metal Contamination causes damage to delicate processing equipment, as well as affecting the end-quality and purity of the product. Tube Magnets are commonly used in the form of a Grate Magnet, where several Tubes form a Magnetic Separation grid.  New Rare Earth Teardrop Magnet Tube Bar

    Rare Earth Magnets are constructed out of Neodymium Iron Boron magnet slugs. These produce the highest permanent magnetic field and are used to separate very fine iron and weakly magnetic stainless steel from solids and liquids.

    Even though the Rare Earth Tube Magnet is a sphere, fine non-magnetic material often builds up on the upper-most point of the Tube. Over time this ‘bridging’ can increase and ultimately cause a blockage. The build-up always reduces the separation performance, increasing the likelihood of metal contamination continuing through the process.   Tear-Drop Shaped Magnetic Bar Filters

    The new MPCO Teardrop Magnet has the point of the tear orientated into the product flow. The surface area on the point of the tear is very small and prevents fine powder collecting on the surface. The powder then flows under gravity over the side of the Tube Magnet, with any magnetically susceptible materials attracted to the high magnetic force. These magnetics migrate to the bottom of the Tube Magnet, where they are securely held away from the product flow. Rare Earth Neodymium Teardrop Magnetic Tubes

    The new MPCO Teardrop Tube Magnet is available as a single Tube or as part of a multi-Tube Grate Magnet assembly.

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