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  • Predefined Half Effect Sensor Magnet

Hall Effect Sensor Magnets

Hall Effect Sensor Magnets Let MPCO help choose the magnet to best suit your specific sensor application requirements. We have experience designing around the effect of environmental conditions, temperature, shock, vibration, corrosion resistance, magnetic stability, manufacturability, form factor (and more!) related to the use of magnets with sensors and can help optimize the performance of [...]

  • Strong TMR Sensor Magnets

TMR Sensor Magnets

TMR Sensor Magnets TMR sensor is an epoch-making magnetoresistance effect sensor which has been applied to industrial application in recent years. TMR sensor has a much higher resistance change rate compared to AMR and GMR sensor, thus obtained many merits include low cost and power consumption, high response frequency and sensitivity. SDM has also collected [...]

  • Magnetic Field Sensors

Magnetic Field Sensors

Magnetic Field Sensors - Contactless and reliable detection Today’s pneumatic cylinders are compact, reliable, and cost-effective prime movers for automated equipment. Unfortunately, they are often provided with unreliable reed or Hall Effect switches that fail well before the service life of the cylinder itself is expended. magnetic field cylinder sensors are based on non-contact, solid-state [...]

  • Magnetic Encoder Engine Technology

Magnetic Encoder Engine Technology

Magnetic Encoder Engine Technology An optical encoder uses light (optics) to identify unique positions for the encoder. A magnetic encoder uses the same principle to determine a position as an optical encoder, but it does it using magnetic fields rather than light. With a magnetic encoder, a large magnetized wheel spins over a plate of [...]

  • Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic sensors indirectly measure properties such as direction, position, rotation, angle and current by detecting the magnetic field and its changes. Compared to other direct methods, such as optical or mechanical sensor, most magnetic sensors require some signal processing to get the property of interest. They provide reliable data without physical contact even in adverse [...]

  • Magnetic Hall effect sensors

Magnetic Hall effect sensors

Magnetic Hall effect sensors Low power, highly reliable, cost-optimized solutions for magnetic position sensing Known for robust durability and dependable operation, MPCO magnets for magnetic Hall effect sensors are the simplest solution for any position sensing application. Whether simply detecting the closing of a lid/surface or performing complex motor commutation, MPCO ’s Hall effect sensors [...]

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