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  • Head Pulley Magnets

Head Pulley Magnets

Head Pulley Magnets, Head roller magnets Head Pulley Magnets provide continuous self cleaning on products conveyed by belt. As product is conveyed along the belt it reaches the head pulley and enters the magnetic field where metal contaminants are attracted and held tightly to the belt surface. As the belt is conveyed around the magnetic [...]

  • Magnetic Head Pulleys

Magnetic Head Pulleys

Magnetic Head Pulleys The Magnetic Head Pulleys replaces the standard head pulley of a conveyor to provide continuous separation of disruptive tramp ferrous metal from a conveyed product, it is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance. Ideal for magnetic separation when space is limited Pulley options: Permanent Magnetic Head Pulley – made from ferrite [...]

  • Magnetic Pulleys

Magnetic Pulleys

Magnetic Pulleys MPCO provides a uniform permanent magnetic pulley that will transform your belt conveyor into a powerful self cleaning magnetic separator. The axial interpole magnetic circuit provides a uniform magnetic field to remove tramp iron from material on almost any belt conveyor. MPCO Magnetic Pulleys provide ideal automatic removal of unwanted iron from materials [...]

  • Magnetic Separation Pulley

Magnetic Separation Pulley

Magnetic Separation Pulley Magnetic Separation Pulleys replace existing head pulleys in belt conveyors. They are used for continuously separating ferrous contaminants from the product flow at the point of discharge. The radial magnetic field ensures the tramp metal is held and separated from the product as it flows off the end of the conveyor. Can [...]

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