Cutting process of sendust magnetic ring

The sendust magnetic ring is a ring-shaped magnetic conductor, which is one of the most widely used magnetic rings. Simply put, the sendust magnetic ring is composed of aluminum-silicon-iron. Internationally, the sendust magnetic ring can be called It is a magnetic powder core. Its magnetic core loss is much lower than iron powder core and high magnetic flux. It is a low-cost energy storage material without thermal aging. It can be used to replace iron powder core. It has very stable performance at high temperature. The standard color of sendust is black.

The sendust magnetic powder core has excellent magnetic properties, low power loss, and high magnetic flux density. When used in the temperature range of -55C~+125C, it has high reliability such as temperature resistance, humidity resistance, and vibration resistance. Soft saturation, negligible core loss, temperature stability;

The Sentinel magnetic ring inductor mainly has the function of choking and energy storage. It is the best choice for switching power supply output choke coils, PFC inductors and resonant inductors, and has a high cost performance; in terms of accuracy , The accuracy of the sendust magnetic ring inductance is generally about 20%, its wire diameter is relatively thick, and the current is very large.

Cutting process of sendust magnetic ring

Cutting process of sendust magnetic ring

When the sendust magnetic ring is made, materials with high content of silicon and aluminum are added to the pure iron, so that the hysteresis coefficient of the material is close to zero, which reduces the ability of the material to convert electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy.

The sendust magnetic ring is a must for switching power supplies, and it is a product that cannot be replaced by other magnetic materials. It can play a peak effect in switching power supplies. No effect, this is the unique side of sendust magnetic ring. The sendust magnetic ring contains 85% iron, 9% silicon and 5% aluminum alloy powder. Using these materials to make the sendust magnetic ring can greatly improve its saturation magnetic induction and DC superposition characteristics.

In addition, sendust magnetic rings have been widely used in computer motherboards, computer power supplies, power supplies, mobile phone chargers, lighting transformer dimmers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), various household appliance control panels, etc. .

When producing inductors, some circular inductors need to wind the magnetic induction line first, then cut the magnetic ring into two sections, put the wound magnetic induction line on the magnetic ring, and then wrap the two sections of the magnetic ring bonding. The processing precision of this step is relatively high. When the traditional cutting tool is cutting the magnetic ring, the downward pressure on the magnetic ring will easily cause the left and right ends of the magnetic ring to be unbalanced, so that the axis of the magnetic ring will shift, resulting in cutting errors. . It is recommended to use Yibo intelligent diamond wire cutting machine for cutting processing.

Intelligent CNC wire-cutting equipment is independently developed and produced to meet the high-precision, high-quality, and high-efficiency requirements of the wire-cutting technology for sendust rings. WE focuses on micro-precision cutting and can process all kinds of special-shaped structural parts. For many years, it has been committed to the intelligent research and development of small and medium-sized wire cutting. There are two modes of cutting, the handle is easy to operate, the fixture is firm, the wire cutting is stable, the fracture is smooth and defect-free, and the flatness is high, which protects the axis of the magnetic ring from deviation; at the same time, the outer surface of the guide wheel is equipped with automatic detection of diamond wire breakage The protection device ensures the smoothness of the whole slicing process, high-quality finished products and increased economic benefits.

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