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Magnetic recess former is a good and fastest way to fix and position lifting pin anchor and build recess on the steel formwork. The magnetic recess former can help lifting pin anchor to change the position quickly and precisely. The magnetic recess former did not need mold hole to arrange former stud like rubber recess former. It can extend steel formwork life and non-damage. Also the magnetic recess former need rubber seal to prevent concrete into recess. The lifting pin anchor with double head did not need the rubber seal.

Magnetic Steel Recess Former

The Capstan Anchor can be installed in metal moulds by the use of magnetic formers. These are used where the lifting anchors are not accessible when casting. They are available in load groups from 1.3t to 10.0t.

One Piece Recess Members with integrated magnets and Two-Piece Recess Members with a separate magnetic holding plate.

These recess members (pocket formers) are very durable and are intended to be used many times and include very strong magnets embedded in the base as a once-piece unit. There is no separate magnet plate required. The magnetic members will stay securely in place during the concrete pour. They are made of very durable urehthane and have an internal re-enforcement material that prevents these products from breaking into two pieces at the folding point. These product cost a bit more than the other brands that will break after just a few cycles, but they provide greater value with fewer replacement purchases in the long run.

These magnets are applied to the concrete form and deliver the recessed lift/anchor feature into the concrete product during curing. Magnets Made in China

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