Swiveling Carabiner Magnet Snap Hooks

Reinforced Magnet – Our magnetic hooks are made of the strongest neodymium magnet, which produces an intensive force of attraction that holds up to amazing 60lbs – 140lbs on vertical hanging and 15lbs – 30lbs on horizontal hanging.
Easy Assembly – Installation is simple just by attaching it to metal surface. No drilling holes, no sticky residue, no tools required and no scratch on your furniture. The spring-loaded carabiner works great for quick on-off.
Wide Application – Great for both indoor and outdoor use, such as your home, kitchen, office, garage, warehouse, refrigerator or even cruise cabins. Be a perfect storage solution for small spaces.
Super Durable –Plated with Nickel protective coatings, our hooks feature corrosion resistance and rust prevention. Stainless steel carabiner provides super durability than those with aluminum, which ensures a longer time use.
Space Saving –Compact size, light weight and extremely strong hanging capacity so you can quickly and easily organize your home or office and make them more spacious and tidy.

Swiveling Carabiner Magnet Snap Hooks

Swiveling Carabiner Magnet Snap Hooks

Better Magnet, Better Life

MPCO is specializing in the NdFeB magnet & magnetic assemblies and providing you with better product quality and service.
MPCO devotes itself to the research and innovation of the magnetic products and assemblies, which is widely applied to industrial fields and life areas.
Our products solve problems such as storage space, such as kitchen, warehouse, bathroom, office and provide multi-functional magnet components.
MPCO is your best choice for your different demands of magnets. All we hope is to make your life better.
To meet your demand of magnets is not only our advertisement but also our pursuit never to give up.

Magnetic Hooks Application

Hanging for Keys & Bags
magnetic hooks can be used on the metal shelves and outdoor railing holding purses, bags, keychains, notebooks and hair dryer, etc.

Tools Hanging
magnetic hooks can be used anywhere in home, school, warehouse, garage, office or as a travel accessory wherever there is a magnetic or metal surface.

Coat Hanging
magnetic hooks can also be regared as a coat hook holding your coat and clothes with ease on metal surfaces.

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