Why does the automotive industry need magnetic measurements?

The fact that magnets are being used more and more in the automotive industry is no longer a secret, as technology has continued to develop. In the beginning, ferrite magnets were used frequently. But now these magnets are more and more replaced by neodymium magnets, because they offer the advantage of maintaining strong forces even in a smaller format.

For example, they are used in a wide variety of car parts such as: in brake systems, for power windows and wipers, in transmission, for sensors such as the automatic parking assistant or the heading maintenance assistant, which makes them Even more important in many areas, this is where the measurements of the magnets come in.

Why are magnetic measurements so important?

As we have already seen, magnets are used in many places in the car. They are integrated into a wide variety of parts and, therefore, have a great responsibility for the proper functioning of machinery and the automobile. This is exactly why more and more magnetic measurements are needed. A wide variety of elements are involved in the production chain and if there is ultimately an error in the final product, it is important to be able to exclude as many factors as possible. According to the magnetic measurements, we have some type of warranty for our product and we can prove that the error was not caused by us. It is also important for the producer of the intermediate parts to know that the materials he uses are of the best quality.

automotive industry need magnetic measurements

automotive industry need magnetic measurements

How do magnetic measurements work?

The so-called Cpk value is determined by magnetic measurements. This value is part of statistical process control, which means it can be used to read the quality of the magnet manufacturer’s manufacturing process. The higher the Cpk value, the better and the risk of failure of the finished product is low.

The so-called GOM-3D scanner is used for magnetic measurement, i.e. to identify the Cpk value. This automatically measures the magnetic data. It is based on the positive and negative tolerance value, a certain nominal dimension. The closer the measured value is to the nominal size, the higher the Cpk value.

These magnetic measurements are created automatically and accompanied by a visual report, which is extremely important for customers.

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