Amazing! Bonded NdFeB Magnets are Applied to Permanent Magnet Stepping Motors

Permanent magnet stepping motor, also known as PM stepping motor, the rotor uses permanent magnets. The stator of this stepping motor is processed into claw-shaped tooth poles by stamping, and the rotor is made of bonded NdFeB magnets with radial multi-pole magnetization. This kind of motor has low cost. Because of its high efficiency, simple structure, excellent working characteristics, easy control and easy realization of large-scale production, it is widely used in computer peripherals, office automation, automotive electrical appliances, instrumentation, The fields of household appliances, CNC machine tools and robots are currently the most widely used, most widely used, most diverse and fastest-growing type of micro-motors. Permanent magnet stepping motor is one of them.

Amazing! Bonded NdFeB Magnets are Applied to Permanent Magnet Stepping Motors

Amazing! Bonded NdFeB Magnets are Applied to Permanent Magnet Stepping Motors

With the vigorous development of my country’s information industry, automobile industry and home appliance industry, the demand for permanent magnet stepping motors has increased sharply. According to incomplete statistics, my country’s annual output of permanent magnet stepping motors has reached about 10 million units. With the development of micro-motor technology, especially the emergence of high-performance permanent magnet stepping motors, the requirements for multi-pole magnetic rings are getting higher and higher. The application of the bonded NdFeB multi-pole magnetic ring in the permanent magnet stepping motor can realize its miniaturization and thinning, which in turn can promote the further expansion of the permanent magnet stepping motor market.

Because the bonded NdFeB magnet has the advantages of isotropy, good performance consistency, moderate price, and multi-pole magnetization, the developed countries in the world, especially the United States and Japan, don’t hesitate to invest financial resources in its mechanism, process and application. Extensive research has been carried out, but its key process has never been reported. The research and development of bonded NdFeB magnets in China has always been in its infancy for many years, which is not compatible with the vigorous development of NdFeB sintered magnet industry. One of the reasons is that there are a series of key process problems in the research and development of bonded NdFeB multi-pole magnetic rings for permanent magnet stepping motors, such as the selection of magnetic powder for special binders, automatic pressing and forming of thin-walled magnetic rings, Surface anti-rust treatment, multi-pole magnetization and integral injection molding of magnetic ring rotor, etc., must be studied and solved.

The above problems have also been studied, and the research results have been applied to production practice. The produced bonded NdFeB multi-pole magnetic rings have been used by more than 20 users to assemble and produce more than 3 million permanent magnet stepping motors, and the motors have been assembled into printers, household telex machines, fax machines, etc. Air conditioners, copiers, robots and car odometers have all been well received by users.

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