How Strong is a 5000 Gauss Magnet?

Some customers have clear requirements for the gauss value of the magnet. A few days ago, a customer inquired about the purchase of a magnet with a gauss of more than 5000 gauss, and asked us to recommend the size of the magnet, and also wanted to know the size of the suction force.

How strong is a 5000 gauss magnet? How strong is the suction?

There are many similar questions, such as how many Gaussian magnets can attract heavy things, how many Gaussians can magnets attract and how far? There are also questions such as how much suction does a 3000 4000 gauss magnet have, etc. These are very unprofessional questions, why?

5000 Gauss Magnet

5000 Gauss Magnet

Because the gauss of a magnet and how much it can absorb, how far it can be absorbed, etc. are not computational, it is not that the larger the gauss of the magnet, the greater its attractive force, how much the magnet can absorb, and the size, shape, and magnetization method of the magnet. What is the suction method (horizontal suction? Vertical suction?) A single surface Gaussian value cannot explain any problem.

Some friends may not understand, here is an example: For example, there is a small magnet of 5000GS, which can absorb 0.8KG, and a large magnet with only 1000GS surface magnetism, but it can absorb 100KG, so the volume (contact surface) of the magnet is also related to the suction force. related.

Written at the end: the same magnet specifications, the larger the surface Gauss value, the stronger the magnetism.


The 5000 Gauss magnet can only be satisfied by the neodymium magnet material. The size of the attractive force depends on the size of the magnet. The larger the size of the magnet, the stronger the magnetic force. In general, this field strength is easier to achieve with N50 and N52 grades, but only if the diameter is not too large and the thickness is not too thin.

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