Cool Cable less & Magnetic Powered Elevator System That Is Proven More Effective & Efficient Compared To Normal Elevator

Magnetic Powered Elevator System – As the time goes by technology is also advancing, the thing we perceived today may not be the same as tomorrow. Hi-tech world is really amazing and this excites me as years and decades go by.

This video really is a proof that even elevator could be enhance into a new and modern one, compliments by a German company develops a new cable less, magnetic elevator system allowing multiple cabins to use one lift shaft, and to travel horizontally as well as vertically.

Magnetic Powered Elevator System

Magnetic Powered Elevator System

This elevator does not need a cable in order to move and it is proven efficient and effective compared to a cable operated elevator. I believe that big companies have adopted this system because of its cost effective advantage.

Meanwhile I know you were amaze and eager to witness more technology advancement in the near future.

Thank for watching and hopefully come back for exciting technology advancement videos.

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