What’s the difference between galvanized and nickel-plated magnets?

The most commonly used coatings for NdFeB magnets are galvanized and nickel-plated. They have obvious differences in appearance, corrosion resistance, service life, and price.

Polishing difference: nickel plating is superior to zinc plating in polishing, and the appearance is brighter. Those with high requirements for product appearance generally choose nickel plating, while some magnets are not exposed, and the general zinc plating is relatively low for product appearance requirements.

Difference in corrosion resistance: Zinc is an active metal and can react with acid, so it has poor corrosion resistance; after nickel-plated surface treatment, its corrosion resistance is higher.

Service life difference: due to the different corrosion resistance, the service life of zinc plating is lower than that of nickel plating, which is mainly manifested in that the surface coating is easy to fall off after a long time of use, causing the magnet to oxidize, thereby affecting the magnetic performance.

Hardness difference: Nickel plating is higher than zinc plating. During use, collisions can be avoided to a great extent, causing the neodymium iron boron strong magnet to appear corners and chipping.

Price difference: galvanizing has advantages in this regard, and the prices are arranged from low to high as galvanizing, nickel plating, epoxy resin and so on.

What's the difference between galvanized and nickel-plated magnets

What’s the difference between galvanized and nickel-plated magnets

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Neodymium Magnet, is the most widely used type of Rare Earth Magnet,also known as the Permanent Magnet which have strongest magnetism in normal working temperature,is made from an alloy of neodymium,iron, boron to form a steady column structure that has arrayed in same direction. Neodymium magnets are the most commercial permanent magnet and have replaced other permanent magnet in many industrial areas.

The structure of NdFeB Magnet is very vulnerable when meet oxygen, iron element and separate from Nd2Fe14B and become Fe2O3 that structure is arrayed randomly which will cause the magnetic field become directionless and decline the magnetism. Protective coatings has been added to the neodymium magnet to make it more commercial.Usually,many of the coating are through electrical plating means. coatings like Nickel,Zinc,NiCuNi, Epoxy, Gold, color glaze will be the surface coating treatment.

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