How does clever magnet shuttering make your precast plant more efficient?

Would you like to make your wall production more cost-efficient? Are you wasting money for wood that needs to be thrown away after one casting? You can stop now as we have a solution for you: a versatile magnet shuttering system with push-button magnets and aluminum side forms. It’s called FaMe and it suits for table molds, battery molds, and column as well as pillar production.

Why use aluminum and magnets?
If your goal is to produce straight-edged wall panels with low production costs, MPCO magnet shuttering provides the means. How? With side profiles and magnets that are easily attached to and removed from table surfaces. There is no need for welding, bolting or grinding, so your table surfaces will remain in good condition. What’s more? With one and the same frame system you can handle most wall thicknesses, from 70 – 500 mm, with accessories even up to 800 mm.

Steel and wood are commonly used as side forms in wall panel production – both of which have some significant downsides: steel is heavy and wood needs to be thrown away after usage.

Improve quality and save money
With aluminum side profiles, you can make some serious savings by decreasing the amount of waste wood. For example, if you spend 2.5 km of plywood monthly, you will half the wood purchases. Aluminum is a recyclable material and you can cast directly on it, so you would need to buy only plywood if needed. At the plywood price of 1 euro per meter, this would mean savings of approximately 15,000 euros in a year.

Furthermore, if you use wooden profiles, it’s likely that the panels don’t come out as straight as they could, because of the challenges faced with wood and water. I think everyone, who is familiar with using the wood side forms, knows how hard it is to adjust wet wood straight and in 90˚ corner. If you try to adjust them by hammering the magnet, it’s a health risk for both, the employee and the magnet.

magnet shuttering make your precast plant

magnet shuttering make your precast plant

So, why wouldn’t you change to aluminum side forms?

Less finger injuries
The magnets and side forms are extremely easy and safe to use compared to other shuttering systems. Less finger injuries will occur. Why? The push-button and the housing of the magnet have been designed to give cover against any injuries. But note! You still need to follow the user instructions. In addition, you won’t stumble on the magnets because of their green color, which works as an attention color at the factory hall. The aluminum side forms can be lifted without cranes; they are safe and light to lift with manpower. Hence bottlenecks in production are avoided.

Free placement
The FaMe magnet shuttering system also makes it easy to prepare the edges and window or door openings on tables or battery molds. You just put the side forms to the desired places and attach them to the mold with push-button magnets. You can easily move the magnets by sliding them on the surface before pushing the button for attachment. The magnets can be placed wherever you want, because of the patented and compatible jaw groove of the side forms and the magnets.

How to remove the magnets? It’s simple. There’s a releasing tool that you just attach to the magnet, then push the handle and remove the magnet from the mold. If you are new to using magnets and side forms in your wall production, we will guide you on the best working methods.

Do you have doubts about the material, aluminum? You can use it like you would use wooden side forms. Hence you don’t need to worry about cutting it – it’s possible with a miter saw. The aluminum side forms are really like Lego blocks; you can attach them to each other with a connection piece.

How to maintain the system in good condition?
Just like your car or production equipment at the factory, the magnets and side forms need maintenance. When kept in good shape and used as advised, the magnets will last for over a decade. What you should do is to always clean them after usage. Also, while oiling the molds, reserve some for the magnets as well for easier cleaning. The magnets can also be repaired if needed, spare parts are always in stock and ready for quick deliveries.

How to start using magnet shuttering?
Nobody buys a car without a test drive; hence, if you are interested, we can organize a free trial of Elematic magnets and side forms with a money-back guarantee. A good way to start would be, for example, to purchase only push-button magnets and use your local wood side forms with MPCO aluminum adapter plates. This is an easy jump to the new system. The next step could be trying the aluminum side forms for shuttering or with windows and doors. We will also guide you on the most efficient ways of using the system.

Consistent quality of wall panels with safer working methods and decreased amount of used wood is what you can be reach with MPCO magnet shuttering. You will save in production costs, factory personnel will have safer equipment to use and your customers will thank you for the straight wall panels!

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